Did you know that only half of Americans say they can perform CPR, a 2018 surveysuggests? Furthermore, only one out of six people questioned said that they’re familiar with the recommended technique for bystander CPR that consists solely of chest compressions.

The survey points to other troublesome trends. Most people questioned could not identify a heart attack correctly and 59 percent confused the symptoms of a stroke and a heart attack. Less than half of all Americans are familiar with the less typical heart attack symptoms (like jaw pain) and only 11 percent are familiar with the correct place for performing chest compressions.

First aid training provides essential information about the important health facts that many Americans seem to be unaware of. Taking a first aid class can give you the skills to eventually save lives and address emergencies occurring out of a medical facility.

Getting first aid training in Southern California delivers a range of crucial benefits. Let’s pinpoint a few of the most important advantages and reasons why you may want to consider joining such a class.

You Gain the Ability to Help in an Emergency

Going through the first aid certification process gives you the theoretical and practical knowledge required to respond to a medical emergency.

Fast responses can save lives, whether somebody has stopped breathing or they’ve had a cardiac arrest. The first minutes are crucial and going through the right sequence of steps will stabilize someone’s condition until a medical team arrives.

Finding the right Southern California first aid training option is essential to enjoy this benefit. There are numerous classes in places like Ontario, Corona, Riverside, Norco and Yorba Linda. Always look at the class curriculum first to get a better idea about the skills you’ll be acquiring. The knowledge and experience of the instructor is another big essential you’ll have to check in order to learn the best first aid practices.

CPR and First Aid Certification Near Me: Reduction in Workplace Accidents

There’s a reason why first aid certification is mandatory for some occupations.

Workplace accidents can occur easily when people aren’t familiar with safe practices. These can be mastered through first aid classes, especially if these are delivered in a relevant format and environment (tailored to the needs of the specific group of professionals).

Many employers invest in such trainings to ensure a positive workplace environment and to maximize productivity.

Employee morale goes up whenever first aid training is offered. It’s a nice perk that contributes to the confidence of the team and maximizes engagement.

Effective Use of the First Aid Kit

Are you familiar with the contents of a first aid kit and how to use those?

Many people aren’t confident in their ability to utilize all elements in the kit in the correct way. If you’re one of these people, you need Southern California first aid training.

When you attend a training session, you’ll be acquainted with the items found in a standard first aid kit and how these should be utilized correctly.

First aid classes do feature practical training. The training consists of exercises that allow all participants to try out different techniques and solidify their theoretical knowledge.

Once again – knowing where the first aid kit is and how to use it reduces the amount of time required to respond in the event of an emergency. As a result, people who experience health problems could get a better outcome because they will receive immediate and adequate attention before a medical team arrives.

It’s a Great Team Building Experience

First aid certification is usually made available to groups of people. the classes are attended by everyone, which can turn into an excellent team building experience.

Employers often rely on such tools to build stronger ties within the team. Taking people out of the office settings and getting them engaged in an activity that differs from everyday tasks will reveal sides and characteristics they were previously unfamiliar with.

Even if first aid training doesn’t involve groups of people who work together, it still enables networking opportunities. Joining such a class will give you a chance to spend some time with similar-minded individuals and to establish new bonds.

CPR and First Aid Certification Near Me: Quite Affordable

First aid training is far from expensive. In fact, the skills you’ll be acquiring are invaluable because they could eventually save the life of someone you love or respect.

Southern California first aid and CPR training options come at affordable prices. There are many entities offering such classes, which means that at least a few of the options will fall within a price range that you feel comfortable with.

There could even be a discount depending on the number of people who will be completing the program. If a larger group signs up for a first aid curriculum, chances are that the certification will become even more affordable.

To sum it up, your home, your office and your everyday life will be safer if you complete first aid training. You will gain confidence based on the knowledge you can save lives and help others who may be in dire need of expert assistance.

SoCal Mobile CPR offers both CPR and first aid certification classes.

We specialize in onsite training for employees, staff or students. All of our instructors have extensive real life experience to give course participants the most practical, relevant and up-to-date knowledge.

We provide the training and the equipment needed to master first aid techniques like the recognition of medical conditions, splinting, blood control, adult and child CPR, AED use and providing assistance to a choking victim.

Please get in touch with us online or call the SoCal Mobile CPR team at (951) 444-5049 to give us a better idea about what you’re looking for and the ways in which we could assist you.