CPR training and certification is good to have, as it allows you to act adequately in emergency situations. More than that, some careers necessitate being certified. If you’re planning to pursue a profession in healthcare or as a teacher, law enforcer, firefighter, personal trainer or lifeguard, you’ll definitely need that certificate.

Online CPR certification makes it much easier to access excellent opportunities without having to attend a class. Going the online route allows you to complete the certification program at your own pace. This characteristic makes it especially good for busy, working people.

So, how do you choose a CPR training online course and how do you make the most of it? There are just a few basic steps to follow.

Is Online CPR Certification Valid?

Before moving on to discuss other aspects of CPR and first aid online certification, let’s discuss the validity of such opportunities.

The answer to that question depends on the kind of training you choose. The qualifications of the course provider and affiliation with national/international entities like the American Heart Association (AHA), for example, are very important.

If we are to discuss American CPR Institute online training specifically, the legitimacy of the opportunity is verified. Everyone who completes our CPR training online course will receive a valid, nationally-accepted ACPRI card. It follows the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) guidelines and AHA standards. Hence, employers will definitely accept the certificate, making it a training opportunity worth pursuing.

It’s also important to seek courses that ensure OSHA compliance. This is especially vital in a number of professional fields. Anyone interested in pursuing high quality career opportunities should pay attention to such details.

Other Essentials to Pay Attention to When Choosing CPR Certification Programs Online

Apart from licensing and certificate validity, you’ll have to check out a couple of additional things before enrolling in a CPR class online.

You don’t just need legal compliance to make the most of such an opportunity. It should also provide essential skills that you’ll feel confident applying upon necessity.

When seeking a CPR certification course online, pay attention to the following essentials:

  • The reputation of the institution that delivers the course and its affiliation with health/national/international authorities
  • The training and experience of the instructor or course developer – what makes them qualified to offer CPR training?
  • The extensiveness of the curriculum – such information should be provided before you sign up for an educational opportunity
  • User-friendliness and specifics of the online platform being used for service provision – you should find it easy to sign up, access course materials, complete testing, etc.
  • Cost of the program – although the price shouldn’t be the leading concern, it will help you make up your mind when examining a couple of similar certification opportunities
  • Testimonials and reviews – the experience that others have had with a certain course can give you invaluable information about its quality and whether the program’s worth joining


Steps to Follow for Online CPR Certification

So now that you know what the first step is (research, research, research!), let’s move on to everything else that will have to happen for quick and effective online CPR certification.

The steps you’ll have to follow in order to get certified online include the following:

  • Enroll in a particular class by completing the sign up process
  • Come up with a learning schedule. It’s essential to determine how much time you’ll need to go through all of the course materials. Some people can complete CPR training in just a few days while others will need a longer period of time. What matters is being consistent – do dedicate some time each day to learning and stick to the original schedule you’ve come up with
  • Review the course materials that are most challenging and if you have to, get in touch with the instructor/service provider to clarify issues and ask questions
  • Complete the CPR exam that’s required to get your certificate. Usually, that’s the last part of the certification program and it covers all of the topics you’ve gone through. The number of questions will vary from one program to another. The same applies to the amount of time you’ll be given to complete the exam
  • If you pass your test, you’ll know that immediately. Usually, your online CPR certificate will become available for download immediately. When you get it, you can present the document to an employer or start your job application process

That’s it! Online CPR certification can be obtained in five easy steps. Dedicating some time to consistent learning and being serious about the opportunity will enable you to get your certificate very fast (while also obtaining valuable knowledge and experience).

CPR Training Can Save Lives! Choose Your Course Carefully!

It’s vital to refrain from viewing CPR training and certification as solely a career requirement. The right program will give you skills you’ll benefit from for life. Not only that, you’ll have the knowledge to save lives in the case of emergencies.

This is why you have to choose carefully how you’re going to get CPR certified online.

Online courses aren’t created equal. Some offer much more practical knowledge than others. Some are created by instructors who have decades of CPR and first aid experience. These are the learning opportunities that will give you the most.

American CPR Institute’s online trainings meet all legal and national requirements, giving you access to valuable learning materials and internationally-acknowledged procedures. You can learn more about our online certification process here or you can get in touch with the team to have your questions answered.

To sum things up, online CPR certification is valid, effective and convenient. It’s up to you to determine which course you’ll choose and how much time you’ll dedicate to it. If you do your homework in advance, you’ll come across a valid and well-developed learning opportunity that will easily broaden your skillset and help you build the career you’ve always dreamed of.