If you’re asking yourself the important question of “where can I find CPR certification near me in Southern California,” you’re on track to acquiring some vitally important skills. Did you know that only 32 percent of the people who go into cardiac arrest receive CPR from a bystander? At the same time, performing CPR can triple that person’s chance of survival.

Formal CPR training in Southern California is a great choice for both amateurs and people whose profession necessitates the acquisition of such skills.

While you can learn how to do CPR on your own, such an option will deprive you of the opportunity to practice and acquire skills under the guidance of a trained medical professional.

After you decide to obtain CPR certification, it’s time to determine who offers the best classes. Many entities in cities like Corona, Ontario, Riverside, Yorba Linda and Norco offer CPR classes. To identify the right option, however, you’ll have to examine a couple of essentials.

Here are the key considerations to go through when choosing CPR certification near you.

CPR Certification Classes Near Me: Level of Training Required

Before moving on to examining other specifics, you’ll need to determine the level of training that will be sufficient.

Are you training to be a pharmacist, a registered nurse, an EMT or another kind of healthcare professional? If so, you should be looking at American Heart Association BLS for healthcare provider classes.

Would you like to learn how to do both CPR and offer first aid? If so, you’ll need to look for a combined course.

There are also CPR and AED certification options for teachers, fitness instructors, security guards and other professionals whose job responsibilities may involve assisting others. If the job involves working with kids, you’ll have to pay special attention to the topics offered in the class. Pediatric CPR has its specifics, which is why it should be discussed separately.

When you know exactly what you’re looking for in Southern California CPR certification options, you’ll find it much easier to narrow down the viable classes that address all of your needs.

Take a Look at the Class Curriculum

Each CPR training provider in Southern California offers specifics topics and activities that are covered in the class. Make sure that your specific interest is included in what the training option has to offer.

Some of the common CPR class topics and activities include the following:

  • Adult CPR
  • Child and infant CPR
  • Automated external defibrillator (AED) use
  • Cardiopulmonary emergencies
  • Two-rescuer CPR
  • Helping choking victims (conscious and unconscious)
  • First aid provision
  • The discussion of real-life scenarios and the best approaches for each


If you don’t see the topic you’re looking for, you may want to get in touch with the service provider and find out a bit more about what the class entails.

Instructor Certification, Overall Reputation

There are many reasons why you may want to learn CPR. Regardless of your motivation, you should choose a reputable course provider that employs certified instructors who have real-world experience.

Real medical professionals responsible for instructing class participants will demonstrate the specifics and the practical aspects of CPR that are mastered through experience.

It’s also a good idea to check the credentials and the overall reputation of the entity that provides the class.

Internet has made it easy to determine whether former course participants are completely satisfied with what they’ve learned. If you’re using online information to find good CPR certification options, always check multiple testimonials. When you find similar claims about the pros and the cons of the class, you can rest assured that the information is genuine.

CPR Certification Near Me: Other Important Considerations

A few additional considerations can help you find good CPR certification options in South California cities like Riverside, Ontario, Corona, Norco and Yorba Linda.

The first is whether you’ll be acquiring hands-on experience. Learning the theory of CPR is obviously important. To gain confidence and offer assistance in the best possible way, however, you’ll need an actual training session involving a mannequin.

While the cost of getting CPR training shouldn’t be the most determining factor, it can help you make up your mind when you’re left with a few options to choose among.

Some other key factors to pay attention to during the process of choosing a CPR certification option include:

  • Whether training is available at a location of your preference for added convenience
  • The size of the class – a smaller class enables the instructor to pay individual attention to the students
  • The tools and supplies are available for the practical part of the training
  • Whether a portion of the class can be taken online (for added convenience whenever busy professionals need to complete CPR training)
  • Whether a discount is available if more people enroll in the class together
  • The availability of personalized add-ons for a standard CPR class


Don’t hesitate to communicate your needs with the institution providing the class. Depending on the certificate you’re looking for and the specifics of the training you need, you’ll be offered the best option.

Choosing the Right CPR Certification Near Me: SoCal Mobile

SoCal Mobile offers onsite CPR certification options in various South California locations like Corona, Norco, Yorba Linda, Ontario and Riverside.

We offer American Heart Association (AHA) CPR training for medical professionals, as well as a number of additional CPR and first aid classes. All of the courses will result in obtaining two-year certification that can eventually be renewed upon expiry.

SoCal Mobile is known for employing certified instructors who have actual medical experience. The practical part of the training sessions is very important and we focus on allowing every single course participant to test their knowledge through the use of a dummy.

Don’t hesitate to learn more about our CPR classes here or contact us today to inquire about the training opportunities. We’ll do our best to meet all of your needs and offer cost-efficient, on-site CPR certification.