Are you planning on joining a CPR certification class in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino or Riverside program like the one provided by SoCal Mobile CPR? If so, you probably have some questions about the specifics and what to expect. We’re here to give you detailed and honest answers to help you prepare for the class.

What Happens during a CPR Certification Training

The ultimate goal of CPR classes in Los Angeles and the rest of Southern California such as Orange, Riverside and San Bernardinois to give you detailed and comprehensive knowledge. You will also receive a certification card that stands as evidence of the program completion.

Typical first aid and CPR classes last a couple of hours, during which participants acquire both practical and hands-on knowledge. The number of hours will vary, depending on the type of training. Medical professionals going through a CPR program will usually need to spend more time at it than security guards, for example.

Once the training part is completed, students will have to undergo a test that will demonstrate if they’ve managed to internalize the knowledge.

Types of Certification

SoCal Mobile CPR offers a range of classes and certification opportunities – check out the details here. All of our CPR classes in Los Angeles and in Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino result in a two-year certificate that students will receive upon the successful completion of the program.

Our classes follow American Heart Association, ECC and ILCOR guidelines. This means you will be getting a nationally-recognized certificate that you can use towards advancing your career or demonstrating your proficiency in delivering the life-saving techniques.

Obviously, anyone can jump in and offer life-saving assistance in the event of an emergency. Your CPR certification, however, will give you confidence that you’re doing the correct procedure and you’re maximizing someone’s chance of survival while awaiting medical assistance.

CPR Certification Los Angeles Renewal

As you’ve gathered already, first aid and CPR classes give you a certificate that will last a limited amount of time.

There’s a reason why CPR certificates expire.

The skills you acquire during the course can prove to be life-saving. In addition, the medical field registers advances all the time. Thus, refreshing your knowledge occasionally will be essential to stay informed of the newest and most effective practices.

To renew your CPR certification, you will typically have to take the test once again. You’ll be provided with information about the validity of your renewed certificate and when you’ll need to go through the procedure again.

Let SoCal Mobile CPR Help You Get Certified

SoCal Mobile CPR is a Southern California entity that will address all of your first aid training and CPR certification needs.

Our mission is to provide medical professionals and civilians with the life-saving skills needed to make a difference in an emergency situation. We offer onsite training to match busy schedules and all of our CPR classes have a pronounced hands-on, practical component.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with SoCal Mobile CPR if you’re looking for first aid training and CPR certification opportunities. Call us at (951) 444-5049 to find out more about the range of classes, the certificates, their validity and the renewal procedures.