The coronavirus outbreak has had a profound impact on the way we live and the way we work. Statistics show that 38 percent of workers in the US have been asked to work from home and 38 percent of conferences or other meetings have had to be cancelled.

Luckily, the situation is starting to normalize itself. Slowly but steadily, businesses are returning to regular operations. In order to be safe, however, they need to undertake certain precautionary measures.

Covid-19 preparedness is essential for all businesses that want to go back to office and premise-based work. Preparing workplaces for Covid-19 consists of several essential steps that aim to reduce hazards, create an optimal environment and educate employees on key procedures to follow.

The American CPR Institute Covid-19 workplace preparedness course provides excellent opportunities to acquaint yourself with all required procedures and introduce brand new safety and hygiene policies. Comprehensive and easy to complete at the same time, this Covid-19 course is the perfect tool you can use to educate yourself and ensure sustainable operations within your organization.

Preparing Workplaces for Covid-19: What You’ll Learn

The American CPR Institute Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for Covid-19 course covers all essential topics to ensure occupational safety at this challenging time.

Some of the most important topics the Covid-19 course will cover include:

  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommendations on Covid-19 control and prevention
  • Everything you should know about coronavirus in the US: spread, symptoms and prevention
  • Most prominent ways in which Covid-19 can affect the workplace
  • Organization-wide risk reduction steps
  • Coming up with and implementing and infectious disease preparedness and response plan
  • Communicating new Covid-19 safety measures in the best possible way
  • Implementing workplace controls
  • Worker exposure to Covid-19 and what to do about it
  • Jobs classified as low, medium and high exposure risk for coronavirus
  • Dealing with workers living abroad or travelling internationally

And a lot more!

To complete the Covid-19 course and receive your certificate, you’ll need to pass a brief quiz that covers all of the topics mentioned above. Upon the completion of the final test, you will receive an official document that proves your successful finalization of the training.

Covid-19 Preparedness Is Just a Few Clicks Away

As a business owner, you’re undoubtedly worried about the future.

Will you be capable of ensuring worker safety when you go back to normal operations? Will you be capable of acting fast enough in the event of a coronavirus outbreak?

American CPR Institute provides you with an opportunity to discover the science and the facts that pertain to workplace safety at a time of a pandemic. We have included tips and suggestions that are tailored to the needs of various industries and we’re confident in the practical applicability of the information in the online learning opportunity.

The American CPR Institute Advantage

Preparing workplaces for Covid-19 can be difficult due to the tons of unreliable information out there. A high quality Covid-19 course helps you rest assured that you’ve accessed the most accurate and comprehensive data on the topic.

Why should you choose the American CPR Institute Covid-19 course to learn how to counter the coronavirus outbreak? The American CPR Institute advantage consists of the following:

  • Cost-efficient solutions: our Covid-19 workplace preparedness course is available for just 9.99 dollars. Once you complete the course successfully, you will receive a digital certificate valid for one year.
  • Immediate certification: the Covid-19 course certificate becomes available immediately after you pass the final quiz. You will receive a digital copy that you’re free to download or print out whenever you need.
  • Experienced instructors: our instructors and course creators all have hands-on experience with first aid, controlling infectious disease and preventing its spread. You can rest assured that the information you get access to is based on best practices within the respective field.
  • Quality guarantee: we’ve been in the business of offering high quality educational opportunities for years. This is why we truly believe in the usefulness of our courses. To show you just how much we believe in the work that we do, you’ll benefit from the American CPR Institute money back guarantee. Click here to find out more about the guarantee.
  • 100% digital educational opportunities: the Covid-19 preparedness course is entirely digital. There is no component you’ll need to complete in a classroom setting. Hence, you’re free to study at your own pace. The educational materials are available 24/7 and you can access them via any device you prefer.
  • A wide range of classes to choose among:our Covid-19 course is just one of the educational opportunities we have to offer. If you want to maximize safety and wellbeing at the workplace even further, you should explore the entire American CPR Institute online course portfolio,

It’s Time to Beat Covid-19 and Ensure Your Business Success

Covid-19 will continue affecting the global economy for months, maybe even years to come. Don’t wait for the situation to resolve on its own. A proactive approach to the introduction of necessary workplace safety measures will give you a chance to go back to full-time operations immediately.

Controlling the risk of coronavirus infections does not have to be challenging or expensive. Several simple personal hygiene, social distancing and office cleaning steps can ensure optimal results at a minimum cost.

American CPR Institute’s team has worked hard to give you a detailed, practical and easy to execute online course you can use to ensure Covid-19 workplace preparedness. To learn more about the course, please check out its curriculum.

If you’re ready to get started with our Covid-19 workplace preparedness course, please click here. The course materials will become available as soon as your payment has been processed.

Do not hesitate to contact the American CPR Institute team if you have questions about the course and the other educational opportunities we have to offer. We’d do our best to get back to you with relevant information as soon as possible.