Comprehensive American Red Cross CPR Training Programs

US statistics suggest that 350,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests occur in the US each year. Ninety percent of the people who suffer a cardiac arrest will die before they reach a medical facility. The survival rate increases two to three times when CPR is administered within the first few minutes of the event.

It’s also worrying to point out that less than 20 percent of all Americans have the knowledge and the experience to administer CPR in an emergency situation.  The American Heart Association reports that CPR saves 92,000 lives per year, which is definitely a reason why more people should be pursuing such training.

American Red Cross CPR training programs address a number of emergencies that go beyond assisting people who have suffered cardiac arrest. Choosing such a program will result in the acquisition of valuable skills and a certificate that could have a positive impact on one’s career.

What Does the American Red Cross CPR Training Entail?

The American Red Cross has guidelines for the administration of various types of trainings – first aid, CPR, BLS, AED, CNA and instructor training to name a few.

CPR classes that follow the American Red Cross standards and guidelines are ideal for professionals like teachers, security guards and fitness instructors. Having CPR training as a part of an employment workplace safety program is another good idea. Many adverse events can occur at the office. If professionals have the knowledge to address medical emergencies, they can save lives by acting fast before medical help arrives.

Performing CPR is a basic skill that should still be explained professionally and practiced in order to be mastered.

Treating kids and adults comes with its specifics and the differences will be examined during a CPR class. Those who are administering emergency assistance should also know how to:

  • Assess the situation and the potential threats before CPR is administered
  • Open the airway and position a person in need of resuscitation in an optimal way
  • Check for breathing and examine the other vital signs
  • Administer CPR following the Red Cross guidelines
  • Keep on performing chest compressions and breathing until an emergency medical assistance team arrives

CPR and first aid classes delivered by the right team will also result in a certificate valid for a certain number of years. As the certificate expires, it would be a good idea to join a recertification course in order to learn a bit more about the latest Red Cross CPR guidelines.

Reliable and Comprehensive SoCal Mobile CPR Training

If you’re looking for a reliable and practice-focused American Red Cross CPR training opportunity, you should explore the Southern California Mobile CPR classes.

All of our instructors have extensive medical experience, which enables us to provide students with the knowledge required to address emergency situations in the most adequate way.

In addition, our training programs are available at a location of preference. Regardless of your work schedule or your location in Southern California, our mobile teams can meet your needs and ensure the flexibility required to get the most of the learning opportunity.

Our CPR training classes provide two-year certification upon completion and they cover a few of the key CPR and emergency response essentials. Some of the topics that will be covered during the SoCal Mobile CPR training include the following:

  • Adult, child and infant CPR
  • Automated external defibrillator (AED) use
  • Conscious and unconscious choking victims
  • Basic first aid

These training opportunities are tailored to the needs of teachers, fitness instructors and security guards. Other professionals and teams of employees could also benefit from these opportunities. Just about everyone should be competent and confident enough to administer CPR and save lives in emergency situations.

The training programs come with both theoretical and practical components. Practicing the administration of CPR is vitally important. Under the guidance of our skilled instructors, course participants will take turns to practice life-saving skills on manikins and build their confidence.

SoCal Mobile CPR specializes in on-site training for large groups. As a part of the service, we also keep track of the individual certifications of group members so that they’re free from having to worry about the certification renewal date.

Make the First Step Today!

Getting started with American Red Cross CPR training has never been easier.

You’ll simply have to do a bit of research and identify the best opportunity out of the multiple training available out there.

Southern California Mobile CPR has maintained an excellent reputation through the years. We have a big number of satisfied students who stand as evidence of the quality and comprehensiveness of the CPR certification programs.

Joining one of our classes requires one simple step. Contact us today or give us a call at (951) 444-5049 to get started.