The Benefits of Choosing SoCal Mobile CPR Classes

If you’re looking for CPR certification classes in Los Angeles and Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino and the rest of Southern California, you’re probably feeling a bit overwhelmed. There are dozens of choices, various providers and an array of certification opportunities. What does it take to pick the first aid and CPR classes that are best suited to your needs?

Understanding the specific advantage that a course provider brings to the table is one of the best ways to make up your mind. Nevertheless, our CPR, AED and First Aid courses follow the latest guidelines. These guidelines are set in place by ILCOR (International Liaisons Committee On Resuscitation).

Additionally, SoCal Mobile first aid and CPR classes offers advantages you’re not going to get from other service providers. Here’s the primary SoCal Mobile CPR advantage.

CPR Certification Classes

Wondering where to get CPR certification? How about at your own office or a venue of preference?

The SoCal Mobile CPR classes can be delivered onsite. Whether you run an educational institution or a corporate enterprise. Of course, we work with employees, students and staff members at a location of your preference. Also, we will carry out the classes at a time deemed convenient for everyone involved.

The minimum number of people needed for onsite training is six. Whether you have a small group or a larger group, we got you covered. All our class sizes will require a hands-on experience in order to make the most of the training.

Not only will you benefit from onsite training, we can also provide a group discount for larger groups. All you need to do is contact us to receive your special pricing offer.

The Other Benefits of Choosing SoCal Mobile CPR Certification and First Aid Classes

After all, convenience isn’t the only reason why you should opt for the SoCal Mobile CPR. We offer classes in Los Angeles, Corona, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and the rest of Southern California.

Meanwhile, when you choose SoCal Mobile CPR, you benefit from the following:

  • An array of classes – suited to the needs of MDs and other healthcare professionals, security guards, fitness instructors, teachers and others (learn more about the classes here)
  • Recognized certification opportunities – We offer American Heart Association CPR training as well as a two-year digital CPR card. Another key point, we guarantee hands-on training following the latest medical guidelines
  • Real medical providing instructors – because the experience and the knowledge of your teacher matter the most. All of our instructors have real-world practical experience
  • Additional topics covered in classes – to give students extensive, comprehensive knowledge of CPR and first aid practices
  • Excellent customer service – just contact us to ask your questions or to schedule a training session

CPR Classes in Corona and Southern California

Indeed our primary goal is to make first aid and CPR training readily available. At the same time, we follow the strictest medical standards to ensure compliance and give participants all of the required knowledge.

We offer CPR and first aid classes for various professionals. There are no restrictions in terms regardless of your age or occupation. In fact if you can complete the training, you can get certified. If you’re interested in our on-site training options, just give us a call at (951) 444-5049 or use our online form to share your specific requirements with the team.

Finally, take a look at our testimonials here.

Our Classes

BLS for the Healthcare Providers (2 Year Certification)

The BLS class covers:

  • Adult, Child, and Infant CPR
  • Conscious and Unconscious Choking for victims of all ages
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED) use and special considerations
  • Breathing Barriers, Bag Valve Masks, and 2 Rescuer CPR
  • Cardiopulmonary Emergencies and Special Resuscitation Situations

CPR AND AED (2 Year Certification)

The CPR and AED Class covers:

  • Adult, Child and Infant CPR
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED) use and Special Considerations
  • Choking Victims
SoCal Mobile CPR Certification

CPR, AED and First Aid (2 Year Certification)

The CPR, AED and First Aid class covers:

  • Adult, child and infant CPR
  • Automated External Defibrillator use and special considerations
  • Conscious and unconscious choking victims
  • Basic First Aid (blood control, splinting and recognition of medical conditions)

Our Mission

In fact, Southern California Mobile CPR offers hands on CPR, BLS and First Aid certification training. We use latest guidelines set by ILCOR and AHA. Of course we only use only real medical providing instructors, with real world experience.

Overall, our goal is to provide our students with the confidence and knowledge to act in an emergency situation. We offer on site CPR training in order to provide a comfortable and supportive learning environment. In other words, our mobile service was implemented in order to meet the demands of your organizations.

Get Certified Today!

All things considered, our CPR and First Aid certification classes will make your workplace a safer environment. In fact, it takes 6-8 minutes for emergency responders to arrive to a 911 call. Those few short minutes can make the difference between life and death. Whereas being prepared to act by providing the proper training to your staff, will lead to a safer environment.

To conclude, we offer American Heart Association or HSI CPR, BLS and First Aid training. Every student will receive a 2 year CPR digital certification card. Together with our instructors the courses will cover Adult, child and infant CPR and the use of a AED. After all, all classes are taught at a location of your choice. We offer flexibility to any busy schedule. Call us without delay today to make your organization a safe workplace!


“This is my first time taking the CPR course with this company and Ive got to say that I am very happy with the help of Cesar Robles. He was very friendly and helped me understand how to do CPR in case of an emergency. He made the class seem fun and easy. I would truly recommend taking the course here. Facility was also very clean and everyone there was easy going and friendly. Super happy and grateful! “

Angela R.

My co-worker and I, had to renew our CPR cards for work. I called made a appointment and had so Cal Mobile CPR, come out to my work place office. The class was probably one of the most enjoyable ones that I have taken. It was entertaining and engaging. The class went by fast and efficiently, without dragging out the time. I would recommend to anyone who needs CPR/AED certification.”

Ricardo R.

“I had a great experience with southern california mobile cpr. I called and we were able to schedule a date that worked well with my busy schedule and staff. The price was very competitive and they came to us in our own time. Cesar came out to our location and was able to provide a very fun and knowledgeable experience. We had plenty of hands on training which increased my confidence in performing the skill. We received our CPR cards a few days later. When it comes time to re-certify I will definitely call Southern California Mobile CPR again.”

Stephany T.

“I am a High School Career Education Instructor and part of my curriculum includes having the students CPR certified. After having contacted several companies SoCal Mobile CPR was the only one that responded to my request. Teaching at multiple sites presents it own challenges but not for SoCal Mobile CPR. Mr. Robles was punctual and prepared. The students were engaged and learned a lot. The flow of the class kept their attention and he even had a Q& A session. I highly recommend them and will definitely partner with SoCal Mobile CPR in the future”.

Joanne R.

I highly recommend Socal mobile CPR for all of your CPR Courses. This is a great and affordable way to get CPR/AED certification! The combination of demonstrative video and readable text beneath makes each lesson easy to follow.”

Shawn Grant.

” Thank you so much for your services, we were very pleased with the class and prices. We will be calling you back”!

Millie T.

I had a GREAT experience with Southern California Mobile CPR ! honestly was dreading having to take a day out of my weekend to take this course, but I ended up really enjoying it! I learned a lot and I feel 100% confident that I can perform CPR and AED sufficiently.”

Akash Deep.